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Back to Business

By Sue on 12-07-2022

Hello Loyal Customers, 

As we claw back to business after a very odd couple of years, most of us have hung in there with a positive Kiwi attitude.  This has certainly tested our patience and a whole new way of doing business.

It has opened up opportunities in the online world of paper products.  Our exclusive Magnetic closure gift boxes have serviced our world and provided business opportunities for the online retail market.

We thank you for your hard work and have now stocked up in readiness for a booming Christmas 2022, we have 7 sizes available most in Black, White or Brown kraft finish.  We have tried to maintain our pricing to a cost effective level for all our customers, to ensure we all keep our feet on the ground.

The shipping has increased hugely and the unreliability of shipping schedules has produced many challenges, which are ongoing, but we try to keep you all informed with unprecedented changes....

Moving right along, heres to a prosperous future for all business owners who have made it through! 

Its Christmas time

By Sue on 04-12-2020

2020 has been a challenging year on all fronts, but here at the carrybag the team have been pulling together and supporting the new online world of covid.  Our magnetic gift box range has been flying out the door to all the innovative Kiwis who have found a new way to keep their businesses afloat.  We thank you all for your support and your inventiveness and look forward to bigger and bigger growth as Kiwis shop online.

2021 will see us add new sizes and extra black options to our already popular Magnetic gift box range and we are really excited...Have a safe and happy pre Christmas celebration time with friends and family

Back to Business

By Sue on 08-06-2020

Welcome back to all our wonderful retailers, online sales people, home businesses and event management customers.  It has been a very strange time in all our lives.  The Carrybag Company has soldiered on to provide packaging needs over this time, our range of "Magnetic Gift Boxes" flying out the door to all the innovative people of New Zealand.  We are all back up an running from our Wiri Headquarters, the Ponsonby showroom is now closed, but our people are still here to help you with any paper carrybags, gift boxes, re-usable bags, custom printed tissue and ribbon.

We support all our customers, existing and new, to rebuild their businesses and look forward to moving forward in 2020.

March Madness

By Sue

The evening of summer is rolling in, together with the March Madness traffic issues, and a new flu travelling around the world....the human side is a little nervous, but every year winter comes, traffic gets bad and winter illness can hit at any time. 

We at the Carrybag are keeping our heads up and confidence in the business environment (while still enjoying our winter holidays to warmer climates)  Time to plan for Mothers day, gift boxes...we have black/white magnetic stock boxes available in a number of sizes ideal for the small business operator to the larger enterprises.  Branding with customised labels or ribbons for that special touch.

In an uncertain retail market, it is important now more than get your branding out there, we specialise in custom carrybags, printed tissue, ribbons and gift boxes.  Visit our website or email for your individual needs.....planning for the future is our motto.

2020 Rolls In

By Sue on 24-01-2020

Happy New Year and new decade.....Supporting our retailers is a must for those of you who enjoy the real feel of shopping, and taking home your choices in beautiful custom carrybags.  The online giftbox is a trend for this decade with busy people busy lives.....we would love to share with you our magnetic boxes, online boxes and custom boxes for ever increasing online shoppers.

2019 saw the end of one use plastic bags and opened up a whole new world of awareness in the shoppers mindset:  reusable, recyclable, compostible and caring for our planet.  The world of natural and sustainable materials all leads us to one end point.....paper!  This is our expertise, creating beautiful paper custom carry bags for your business, that will be reused or composted in the most enviromentally friendly way.

Christmas Cravings

By Sue on 12-11-2019

Six weeks out from our Kiwi Summer festivities and holiday time for many.....meaning Retail Therapy for those who take the time to shop.  Whether you like the physical experience of seeing and feeling  or, for those more intent on not moving from the beach, internet trolling for the online bargains.  We at the carrybag have a range of stock carry bags, eco bags, magnetic gift boxes, and online boxes that retailers and online shops can stock up on prior to Christmas.  If you are looking at starting a new retail or online business in the new year, and want your own special customised carrybags or packaging, now is the time to talk to us and get this underway for your new venture. 

Busyness at this time of year does zap our energy, but having a plan for a prosperous new year keeps us excited for the future.  

Spring into Spring

By Sue on 08-10-2019

2019 has been a big year in the retail carrybag industry with the abolishment of one use Plastic Bags.  We now all go to the supermarket with our reusable carrybags for our groceries, or we forget to take these and buy another one: paper bags, hessian bags, ppNW tote and shopper bags.  All these are reusable or recyclable and compostible....and there is never a shortage of a weekend bag in the home.

Here at the Carrybag, we can help you with your new paper, or reusable carrybags, a large range of magnetic gift boxes (again reusable) and this a great opportunity to look at a new fresh design for your branding of your carrybags and packaging


Eco reusable bags NOW IN

By Sue on 20-06-2019

The 30th of June brings the Plastic ban in our Godzone - The Carrybag Company has a range of ppNW Eco reusable carrybags available for you to replace your plastic  with a very cost effective price range.

We can also help you customise these bags in larger quantities for your future branding, visit our eco bag page on the website and contact us for pricing details on the quantities you require

Tommorrow is the shortest day, so after this we are heading into Summer.....

Save the World

By Sue on 17-04-2019

Paper and reusable retail carrybags will help us do our bit in "Saving the World" - Every little bit helps.  Paper is 100% biodegradable and eco friendly and we all need more reusable bags to carry our groceries.

Here at the Carrybag company we are working with our clients to replace "Plastic" with cost effective eco-friendly options and time is running out.  We have our factories working overtime to meet the deadline of 30th June.

This is a great opportunity to lock in your branding on paper and get your message out in the retail world. Contact us for quotes and options for paper carry bags, eco carrybags, gift boxes, ribbons and tissue.....A great way to tell the world what you do!


By Sue on 29-03-2019

Hello fellow carrybag people,  we have been busy behind the scenes searching for an eco friendly replacement for "PLASTIC"  We will be offering, ppNW diecut carrybags in white, small size, and black and white, large size.  While paper is still the best option for saving the world, the ppNW option is a good reusable, reusable, resuable substitute for the plastic we are already not missing.

Happy 2019

By Sue on 07-02-2019

Happy New Year from the team at the Carrybag, while retail was a little slow towards the end of last year, 2019 has really taken off with the limitations on Plastic and renewed interest in reusable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Here at the Carrybag, we specialise in "PAPER" which is fully bio-degradable, compostable, reusable and ticks all the boxes in environmentally friendly customised retail packaging.

We also have a range of beautiful magnetic flatpack gift boxes to suit your online, or giftbox business or special event ranges....

Visit our website or email to discuss your paper, eco friendly needs.


Gift Box News

By Sue on 28-08-2018

We have a range of gift boxes small medium and large in time for Christmas packaging.  These are magnetic closing and flatpacked for easy storage. They can be personalized with printed tissue, ribbons and custom labels....or talk to us about your own specialized gift box. 

Thinking about Christmas

By Sue on 25-05-2018

Christmas Packaging, Retail Carry Bags, custom tissue, gift boxes. Now is the time to think about what you are going to need for your business leading into Christmas 2018, to secure the best product to promote your brand and secure the best pricing options. Visit us at our showroom at 27 Jervois Road, Ponsonby to discuss and plan or email with your requests.

Autumn 2018

By Admin

2018 is flying by, we have had a long hot, stormy summer, and retail has changed. Our loyal customers are working hard on their carrybag rebranding to set them ahead in the marketplace. Online sales are increasing and Gift and product Boxes are becoming an important part of branding. Talk to us about your changing needs....

Holiday time - 2018 Carrybags

By sue on 11-12-2017

Two weeks until Christmas, and a much deserved holiday. Now is the time to start planning for your Carrybags, custom printed tissue and online packaging for 2018. We are open at the Showroom to visit a 27 Jervois Road, Ponsonby until 22nd December - reopening 15th January 2018. Look forward to a prosperous 2018 for all our fantastic retail customers. Have a safe and relaxing holiday period.


Gift boxes

By sue

Exciting news, In early November we have a range of magnetic gift boxes arriving. Small medium and large in white matt or black kraft finish. Perfect to brand with labels or custom tissue or printed tape for your Christmas gifts, online sales, as retail gift sales. Watch our FB page and website for images and promos when they arrive. Great time of the year for our valued retail customers

Spring into Summer

By Sue on 13-10-2017

Carry Bags for Spring and Summer; Packaging for Christmas; printed tissue for gift wrapping; gift boxes for presentation.

Are you looking at re-branding for your retail business and refreshing your Carrybags for 2018 - now is the time to visit The Carry Bag Company and discuss your new ideas. We are open at the Showroom at 27 Jervois Road Ponsonby Monday to Friday by appointment to discuss your custom Carrybag plans.


Fashion Week Carrybags

By Sue

The Carrybag Company supports Fashionweek 2017, supplying goodie bags, stock bags, screenprinted paper bags and custom carry bags.  Busy and exciting time for all in the fashion industry.

Spring into Spring

By Sue on 04-08-2017

Here at The CarryBag Company we are springing into action arranging the new packaging ranges for Chistmas...We have a new range of Beautiful  magnetic gift boxes arriving in September in time for gift packaging. We will have small, medium and large box sizes in matt white and black kraft paper finish to add to our white and black gloss range.

We are also working with our customers on new designs for summer and rebranding and this is an exciting time for us all.  We are enjoying meeting new businesses and working with them to create their unique branding in the marketplace.

All in all, the Carry Bag, Gift Box and Online Packaging options are a fantastic way to get your branding in the marketplace...we look forward to talking to you

Winter Warmers

By Admin

The America Cup has come home to our Beautiful Country, and we at the CarryBag Company were swept up in the excitement and pride in the win. We are in full swing planning and working with our clients to ensure we have their Christmas packaging ready for the Spring/Summer season.  With August looming it is certainly time to think about your Carry Bags, Printed Tissue and Wrap, gift boxes and other branded supplies to support your business in the Marketplace.  Please contact us to ensure you don't miss the boat and have all your packaging supplies here in time for spring.

Seasonal Changes

By Sue on 02-05-2017

Autumn brings changes to our lives.  Many exciting changes are happening in the retail industry, trade shows, fashion shows and looking for next seasons branding.  Whether you are a start up business, or a well known existing one looking for a fresh look in your branding; CarryBags are your walking moving billboards and we would love to work with you to make you stand out in the marketplace.

Online packaging, custom boxes and tissue, your retail Carry Bag; colours, design, paper, plastic, eco bags.  We have a showroom full of customers unique product for you to view.  Contact us to arrange a time to meet and talk about your personalized ideas.

Branding Your CarryBags

By Sue on 21-04-2017

Branding your Retail Carry Bags is a valuable advertising medium for your business, small or large.  We specialize in working with you to select The Carrybag that is perfect for your product and to promote your brand in the marketplace.  While we work on this with you, we have large selection of stock bags - boxes - tissue to choose from. Contact us on to discuss your personalized CarryBag brand.

Showroom Ponsonby Auckland

By Sue

Visit our showroom at 27 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, open Monday to Friday by appointment to view our range  of stock and custom Carrybag options. Or we can visit you...Contact us to arrange a time, we are focused on getting your branding in the marketplace

A new range of packaging products for online sales

By Admin on 29-09-2014

The Carrybag Company today launched a range of packaging designed for sending items sold online.  The new range includes boxes, bags, tissue, labels and courier bags, all available off the shelf.  "When canvassing our customers we found that needs for online packaging varied in capacity, robustness and aesthetics, but also the price point needed to fit the product sold" says Managing Director Trevor Cox.  Each packaging component can be used alone, or layered to add protection and luxury as required.  There are several ways you can add your brand whether it be loud and proud on the outside of the package, or subtle and discreet on the inside.
Let us know if you would like to see samples or talk further about your online packaging requirements.


The Carrybag Company at New Zealand Fashion Week

By Admin on 06-08-2014

Once again this year, The Carrybag Company are proud supporters of New Zealand Fashion Week.  Look out for the brightly coloured reusable messenger bags featuring designs by Zambesi, Hailwood, Annah Stretton and Kate Sylvester.

We wish all the best to those showing in New Zealand Fasion Week this year, and look forward to seeing them at the event.

New Zealand Fashion Week is on at the Viaduct Events Centre on the week beginning 25th August.


Future Artists at Future Feat

By Admin on 21-11-2013

Children's footwear specialist, Future Feet designed their store bag to encourage creativity from their budding artist customers.   The logo is printed as an outline, allowing creative little minds to make the most of their instore experience at Future Feet by embellishing the bag when they get it home.  The display in the Ponsonby store is adorable!